Tul AG Commercial 2019 – Urgo

I had the opportunity to work for the medical brand Urgo for their new product UrgoTul AG.
The brief was to create a 3D animation video which would explain to health professionals how this new product work. All of that in a really short amount of time.
Everything was done inside Houdini and rendered with Redshift.
Voiceover credit : Steve Voltts.

They didn’t had any 3D model for their new product so I made one for this project. They liked it so much that they asked me if I could make some still images with it on a transparent background. The idea was to use them later on printing campaigns.

Snake cracking stone statue 2019 – Music Video

I have been contacted by New York based studio named De-Yan to help them provide high quality visual for a music video.
I did all the destruction shots + various simulated effect (falling bills, butterflys…).

I also animated the snake and did the shading, rendering, compositing… on the destruction shots.

Quite simple but effective effect of bills falling down that I did fot this project.

Supernature TV documentary 2019 – Planète

I had the opportunity to work with the studio Noise Gate Circus (Paris) on a TV show documentary named Supernature. Here are the main shots that I provided for this show, later some 2D texts and HUD have been added on top to explain various concepts.
Done with Houdini, rendered with Redshift.

The amount of shots and animals to handle was huge. I did all of the animation, fx, shading, lighting and compositing work on it.

I also had to create a lot of stills images to promote the show on billboards ad campaigns.

Business Presentation 2018 – Safe PCB

I worked for the company Safe PCB which manufacture Printed Circuit Boards for all kind of industries. They had this idea of an island where those PCB are made. The audience would be inside of a ship flying around and viewing the process of manufacturing those boards.
Video format is unsual because it had to match the size of their website header. They also wanted to display it on very wide screens during their events.

They wanted an intro with HUD which looks high tech and keep the idea of electronics circuit boards while staying subtle. They loved my proposition.
Early preview of robots placing pieces of copper which later will become PCB.
Liquid and smoke simulations were all done inside Houdini.

Fairytale Destruction 2018 – Personal Project

Here is a personal project I did on my spare time. I did everything except modelling the houses (models are from kitbash). The idea was to challenge myself with real bricks wall where every single bricks is modeled and constraints to each other. On top of that there are mortar, glass, wood tile for the roof… Then the explosion has a direct effect on pieces by using velocity volume.