The Princess – The yard VFX (2022)

I had the chance to work on this show at The Yard VFX

It was an incredible show to work on with an amazing team. I was in charge of doing all kinds of FX such as destructions, underwater bubbles, blood effects, sparks, smoke…

RBD, particles sim, secondaries rbd, smoke… usual suspects for this kind of shots.

I was in charge of all the blood effects of the show (setup, sim, render). For that I created a library with a custom HDA and of course also custom shots.

And also an underwater sequence with bubbles and glass debris to create.
For every shot that I worked on, I created the setup, then did all the sim, shading (for the effect), lighting, render and basic compositing.
I also did a little bit of modelling with the glass pieces falling for the underwater sequence.

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