Environment video 360° 2020 – Milka

I have been contacted by an ad agency to work with the brand Milka chocolat. They needed 360° videos made in loop as environment for a video game they were developing.
I am responsible for everything (except trees and grasses modeling) including environment work, matte painting, cows modelling, texturing, fur, animation…

They needed 4 differents points of view inside the environment to make 4 differents level for their 360° game.
Various paths and roads were made inside houdini. Vegetation was then placed procedurally which allow fast iteration when needed.

Design of the wood pannel which allow to display instructions inside the game.

They had a pretty good idea about what the farm should look like and I managed to create something they really liked with additionnal details such as jars, wood benches, milk tank…

They also wanted 5 differents breed of cows which I had to create to match exactly what they wanted to look like. Rigging, animating, fur and shading was also of course needed. The animation had to be put in loop in order to work inside the game as an environnment video.

Everything was done inside Houdini and rendered with Redshift except the cows animations which was done in Cinema 4D and then bring back to Houdini.

Video of the point of view 1
Video of the point of view 2
Video of the point of view 4
Video of the point of view 3

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